Notre histoire - La Passion en héritage

When he married Geneviève Régeasse after the war, Christian Vincent lacked money, yet he had ideas. Benefiting from his experience in blending cognacs, the young man decided to pay tribute to his wife in the least expected way. He imagined for her, a tailor-made drink, a subtle balance between tradition and modernity, sweetness and character. Blackthorn grew near his vineyards and provided him with an ideal starting material. From his own family’s experience, he knew well the organoleptic qualities of the tree , as well as its medicinal power, which made the use, of it an obvious choice. He thus created the first veine. The recipe was left to the next generations who have perpetuated the tradition, until now as a reminder of this first gesture of love.

Notre histoire - Papy

Heir to this rich heritage, Dame de Pique, has decided to pursue with you the amazing adventure of this beverage. Its inimitable taste , is due to a unique double maturation process, developed by Christian Vincent, which enables us to combine the flavors of shoots harvested in spring to the flavor of prunes, harvested in autumn. The operation is a slow process which covers several months., It releases the maximum amount of flavour and makes the final product reach an unrivalled quality. We apply a very strict selection criteria for all our ingredients. It naturally includes shoots and fruits but also wines and cognacs during the maceration process. Only the finest ingredients are used. This combination of excellence is the best guarantee for us to give you back all the subtleties of an exceptional aperitif drink.

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Notre histoire - Mamy

Such a gem deserves a specific setting.. 60 That has now been done, and I have no doubt,, if my grandfather was still alive,. that he would raise , his glass once more to share with you his wedding wine……

The third generation,

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